The importance of choosing the right designer to bring your home to life

Great Design:

The importance of choosing the right designer to bring your home to life.

Understanding the process of designing a home can be the key to staying within your budget. Designing your dream home can sometimes be daunting, and the wants and needs in a design can be challenging to work out.

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Knowledge & Experience

I feel knowing your non-negotiables in home design can help a designer find out about you. This is where a good home designer considers all aspects of the site and building. Attention to detail when designing ensures better quality outcomes and a smoother construction process. A designer with knowledge and experience in designing homes for sustainability can also help ensure your home will be comfortable and energy-efficient throughout its lifespan.


A designer can help decide on construction systems, materials and finishes and include landscape designs. Have an open mind when designing your dream home. A great design should suit your lifestyle and your budget. I believe that good design is an intelligent investment.

The Cue

At Domination Homes, the design team is dedicated to helping you make your dream home a reality. The principle designer will work with you to ensure that your home remains timeless, getting more life out of your design and improving future resale potential. For example, the Cue is one of my favourite Domination Homes designs, and its over 10 years old!

Domination Homes is here to help

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