Learn from the Best: Interior Design Tips with Jodi Balhorn

Jodi Balhorn is a Perth Based Interior Designer company specialising in luxury residential homes, display homes and multi residential homes. Jodi has over 20 years of Interior Design experience and believes a client should be able to feel confident about the decision-making process involved with creating their new home. Jodi has helped the team at Domination Homes when designing their display homes, as well as by creating mood boards for design inspiration for clients.

Jodi’s interior design is always elevated and sophisticated, so we asked her for her top tips when creating memorable homes.

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Less is More

Jodi recommends that you approach interior design with a limited colour palette, stating ‘less is more’ when integrating statement colours.

“Pick a statement colour then integrate it throughout the home”.

Use Colour to Hide or Highlight

Jodi loves to use multiple cabinet colours in her design, and uses them to help with the overall functionality and impact of the space. “Choose cabinet colours close to your wall colour to conceal any hidden storage, and a statement colour when you want to make an impact”.

Lighting is Key

Jodi suggests that the best way to make a home feel large and welcoming is through ample natural light, lifting and brightening the space. she also recommends that mirrored surfaces, such as a mirrored splash back, can help reflect this light as well as rooms beyond.

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