Understanding How your Master Bedroom Impacts your Home’s Layout

Arguably, the master bedroom is the most important room in the home

(maybe second only to the kitchen).

After all, you’ll be spending one-third of your life here, and a master bedroom is your sanctuary.

When designing your home with us, you have the freedom to place your safe haven in a place that best suits your taste, style and needs. However, if you are lost on where to fit your master bedroom, we have weighed out a list of pros and cos for you to consider.

At Domination Homes, we have curated our advice on this topic.

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Ground floor master bedroom

For obvious reasons, ground floor master bedrooms are not only convenient, but they’re an attractive and a popular option. You’ll have safe and easy access to the rest of the rooms in your home that you use every day – for example, kitchen, laundry, garage and the living room.

The ground floor always means easy accessibility, particularly if you or a loved one have mobility issues, that might be impacted with a flight of stairs. Ground Floor master bedrooms also remain cooler than other parts of the home, saving on summer bills! However, it’s also worth remembering that a ground floor master bedroom may not be as peaceful and quiet as you’d expect, especially if it’s positioned near foot traffic.

Second floor master bedroom

When considering where to place your master bedroom, consider how much noise that particular location will bring to you. Second floor rooms will be less noisy due to its location away from all other bedrooms, which means that it’ll offer greater privacy for those who are early risers. You will not be impacted by foot traffic, and you are kept deliberately away from congregation areas like the kitchen.

However, if you suffer from mobility issues, going up and down a flight of stairs can prove tedious.

Front master bedroom

Front master bedrooms are a popular choice as they provide you with peace of mind. One, you can glance out the window to identify visitors and see whether it is safe for them to enter your home. Another benefit of front master bedrooms is that they often sit next door from children’s rooms, so mothers have easy access through the night – if need be.

However, light sleepers might find themselves disturbed by streetlights shining through their windows.

Back master bedroom

You want to be able to get a good night’s sleep without being interrupted, and this bedroom has all the right features. The only downside is that you may feel disconnected from what’s going on in other rooms because you can’t usually hear anything outside of your house or with younger children, if any at all living there!

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