Natural or Engineered Stone: The Difference and why it Matters

I never used to think that I was set in my ways, but now looking back I realise I was. There was a time when we could easily pick the difference between natural stone and engineered stone. Today, we all struggle to discern what’s a natural stone and what’s not – that’s how much the technology has improved!

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Mother Nature

We all know that Mother Nature never produces the same product twice. She plays her own game in her own time, making each piece of natural stone beautiful and unique. It’s a form of artwork that can never be repeated and is amazing to put in your forever home. It’s a product that can be the bookend to creating a mesmerising space, but this often comes with a large price tag attached.

Looks Amazing

If you’re looking at flipping the property or eventually moving, the market value of engineered stone is cheaper than natural stone and it requires less maintenance. You won’t need to be as precious with it and you know that what you’re ordering is what you will be getting. It is perfect for rental properties and still looks amazing. The only real downfall to engineered stone is that you still can’t put hot pans directly onto the surfaces, but other than that it’s a win!

Let Domination Homes Create Your Dream Home

So, natural stone can become a beautiful bespoke feature of your home, but if you’re not concerned that your stone might have similarities to that of someone else, engineered stone is an option to consider.  Visit our showroom to explore her mood boards or one of our award-winning display homes to see her work in action.

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