The Power of Art: Create Your Dream Space with El’ise Bothe

“Visually, a space might at first look to be minimalistic in it’s design or colour scheme but it’s the items within the space that can impact a room more than
layout.” Interior designer and Domination Homes ambassador, El’Ise Bothe, shares with us her top tips to integrating art into your home.

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Alternative Mediums

El’Ise believes the art within the home can be subtle, and found in unlikely places; “High ceilings with dramatic cornice, sculptured curved staircases, statement furniture or Venetion plaster can create such a theatric impact on a space and can act like art works.”

Consider Your Finishes

El’Ise is never afraid of texture and the impact it can have on a space; “A heavenly veined marble stone or geometric sculptures can really give your eye multitudes to explore!”

Let Domination Homes Create Your Dream Home

So when you walk into a space, pause and appreciate the minimalistic message that art doesn’t need to be in a frame to call it a work of art. Visit our showroom to explore her mood boards or one of our award-winning display homes to see her work in action.

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