Street Presence: How it can Impact the Value of your Home

Street presence is an easy way to make a great impression for your home.

Having a good front façade presence is important in making pedestrians feel safe as it is the first impression your guests or neighbours have of your home. From a young age, I knew that I wanted a home that was inviting and having a welcoming front façade was important. Here are my top tips to improve the appeal of your home!

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Use what you already have

Having a good street appeal doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money. In fact, you might already have some things at home to get you started. For example, we had a huge amount of established plants in one area of our yard. Beautiful, but completely grown and saturating the space. So, with a mission to save money, we transplanted them around the yard to soften the facade.

Refresh with paint

The original terracotta tiles and walls really aged the property, so over one weekend, we got into the yard and splashed white paint onto the walls to give the home a new look. As we have a 2-storey home, we invested in a professional roof painter to spray the roof. Painting is the best way to refresh your space as it is cost-effective and has a noticeable impact!

Modernise Ageing Features

We also didn’t like the look of our old brick pillars and decided to hire a professional to render the walls. We prioritized money into the render as it was something that we can’t do ourselves, but we knew that would increase the value of the property. It completely changed the front of our home without building anything new.

Let Domination Homes Illuminate Your Dream Home

 The biggest advice I could give anyone selling a home is to invest time and effort into the façade of your property. Make it welcoming and inviting, as the front facade will create a connection to your street and potential future buyers of your home.

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