How to Build a Sustainable Perth Home

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Never has the environment been a bigger, more crucial, consideration when it comes to building your dream home than it is today.

With the effects of climate change front and centre on the nightly news, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that we all need to embrace the benefits of energy-efficient home design to reduce our environmental footprint. We’re big fans of climate responsive design at Domination Homes, where we’ll work with you to ensure you make the best choice when it comes to selecting climate-friendly materials and design.

We’ve put together a handy guide for things you may want to consider during the planning process.

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Work with the sun, not against it

Everyone should be thinking about how to naturally maximise the sun’s warmth in winter while deflecting those crippling summer rays – resulting in lower energy usage all year round.

For example, a sustainably designed south-facing facade should feature a large window to maximise summer warmth in the winter; with triple or double-paned glass that has a Low-E coating to provide comfort in the summer.

 Solar power is your friend


Solar panels and hot water systems can significantly reduce your power bills, using the energy from the sun to run your home. Need we say more!

Your selection of building materials is crucial

Light-coloured building materials tend to reflect heat, while those with dark colours tend to absorb it. But this is not something to fear, you can use it to your advantage. While concrete and brick have a tendency to store heat, clever placement means you can warm up areas in winter if located properly.

Let the geography of the land guide your build

When your home is being designed, take into consideration the natural air and insulation features or barriers that come with your block or location.

 Invest in clever landscaping

Appropriate, water-wise landscaping will provide shade and evaporative cooling to your indoor and outdoor living areas. Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than the shade of a tree when escaping the summer heat.

 Minimise your home’s footprint

 Ask yourself, what are the true needs of my build and how much space do you honestly need. More floor space means higher energy requirements, so it pays to investigate what areas can become multi-purpose. Also, what surrounding elements can be used to make your home more sustainable?

Domination Homes is here to help

If you examine these questions carefully, your hip pocket and the environment will thank you for it. You’ll enjoy lower construction costs, low or no utility bills and a happier family to boot.

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