Window Finishes: An Important Detail not to be Forgotten

Window Finishes:
An Important detail not to be forgotten.

Curtains, shutters and blinds are essential parts of any build yet are most commonly overlooked in the budget or pre-start previsions. There are so many options for window furnishings, so you must spend the time looking at what you desire before signing your contract.

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Window Furnishings

Do you want smart technology blinds or recessed curtains? Both of these need specific previsions before you have your Gyprock go onto the wall. The last thing you want to do is mess around with a final product, as this will only cost you in the long run. When working with a new builder or company, you must ask what you get in your contract price. Most don’t include window furnishings. Some might only include sheers, so it is vital that if you’re after a certain look or that good night’s sleep, ask to add block-out blinds or enough room to add them into your space at the time they go in.

Ask The Right Questions!

I can’t exaggerate the number of times I meet clients on site (for the first time), and we discuss the desired look for their window furnishings, yet a lot of the time, I need to let them know it’s not achievable due to provisions that were needing to be made at the start. One tip I can offer you when building a home is to ask the right questions and save excess contingency for soft furnishings, as good window furnishing will make or break a space.

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  Also, do the research, and ask your builder the questions at the beginning, as there is never a dumb question. Remember, window furnishings will give you the privacy needed and soften the space you’re in, giving you your desired look. Visit our showroom to explore her mood boards or one of our award-winning display homes to see her work in action.

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