Design Your Build for the Future

In our experience, there is nothing more exciting than the prospect of building your own custom home. 

It’s a special feeling, knowing that a property was designed and constructed, just for you. At Domination Homes, we know firsthand that the difference between building a house and building your dream home comes down to the design and planning.   

We have over 40 years of experience in custom home design and have drawn on our ability for you to consider when trying to design your build for the future.   

Looking for further inspiration? Why not visit our showroom or one of our Perth display homes.

Location, Location, Location!

It’s a cliché, but it’s true. Where you decide to build your home is the first, second, and third most important consideration to get right. This should be prior to even thinking about taking another step. The right block on the right street, on the right terrain and with the right orientation is so crucial, we have detailed many of the factors you need to address here.   

Depending on your lifestyle preferences, you may prioritise being close to the best restaurants and cafes over being close to the good schools. Equally, if you do have active children who love their sports, you may want to be close to a large reserve or park. This might be even more important if you have a dog that needs a lot of exercise. It’s worth researching an area properly, with a focus on your needs, before locking in a location. In many ways, the value of a block really comes down to what you value in life.  

Once you have the right location, you can begin to work on getting the right design.  

The Design Phase

Perfectly Tailored to You

At Domination Homes, we take pride in living by value proposition – “Designed on innovation. Build on tradition.”   

The thought we put into our design is what sets us apart from other custom builders in Perth. The Residence display home is an excellent example of how we think through our design. The Residence has been created for people looking to retire, and have a desire to build their dream home to enjoy their golden years in. By understanding our target audience, we ensured that the master bedroom was situated on the ground floor to future-proof the home. 

If you have children, and they love to play sport, look at how we integrate passion into practical design through the Amalfi. It takes “shooting hoops” in the yard to the next level, by amalgamating fun and function seamlessly. 

If you’re an entertainer, look no further than “the entertainer’s dream” with the Platinum, one of our bespoke custom homes. It’s open plan living designed to enhance your lifestyle.   

Depending on the space you must work with, we will design the right home for you. That’s why we are the custom home builder of choice here in Perth.  


Ensuring your Home will Get Better with Age

Our experience as a quality custom home builder ensures that we place your needs first. So, when it comes to choosing materials that will stay the course and even get better with age, our advice is to pick quality materials. Especially in areas where you know you are going to get the most wear-and-tear. For example, quality flooring, whether that’s timber or concrete is a must. It is going to get a lot of use, so it is worth the investment.  

Similarly, the kitchen bench will see a lot of frequent activity over the years. Real stone benchtops are a major asset as they not only have real texture, but they can also hide the scratches that are an inevitable consequence of family life. The same can be said of quality cabinetry and joinery. 


Readying your Home for the Future

The world is changing right now and as one of the most trusted custom builders in Perth, we know when it is right to change with it. That’s why we advocate thinking ahead and factoring in charge points for electric cars in your garage space. Embracing sustainability now is a good idea as the cost of retrofitting in the future will be more expensive than building it into the first design. 

Similarly, introducing solar panels to charge both your home and an electric car has the capacity to save you a lot of money in the future and it is being incentivised by the government.  

Smart home automation is also a trend that is unlikely to go away anytime soon. Find out how your home can learn and adapt to your schedule. Imagine a coffee machine that knows when you’re getting out of bed and gets a brew on the go. Or a shower that starts warming the floor the second you step out of bed. Custom home design is all about the ultimate in luxury living and we know how to deliver it for you. 

The Finishing Touches

Making your House a Home

It’s so important to consider the fixtures and finishes to embellish your custom home design. While it may be a significant monetary consideration, your home will not feel right unless you have your preferences on all the small details that make your house a boutique home. Remember to consider ordering your furniture from popular brands well in advance.  

Artwork will also really lift your space and make your custom home feel like it really is your space. If you love a piece of art and know you want to make it a ‘hero’ in your new home, talk to us about how we can find the right spot right from the outset. How we position the lighting will bring your favourite work of art to life in a way you may never have dreamed.  

We can’t wait to meet you !

At Domination Homes, we are passionate about helping you realise your dream home design. That’s what sets us apart from other custom builders in Perth.   

View our upcoming designs to see what we are delivering for other clients. Our customers are our inspiration, and we look forward to seeing what we can achieve for you.  

Chat to our custom home design team today and see for yourself just how close you are to your dream home. It’s closer than you think!