How To Maximise Natural Light: The Potential of Light to Transform the way you Live.

How to Maximise Natural Light:

The potential of light to transform the way you live.

So here are a few tips on how to bring natural light into the home or your home design; trust me, this will improve your home life!

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Extra Light

White for anything with a large surface area – I know this is an obvious choice, but people somehow forget when designing that the colour white not only makes a space look bigger and brighter but also creates energy. The colour white reflects and continues to reflect into areas of the room. That includes any light from wall paint, white, sheer curtains, or even a bed cover! Now, I’m not saying to go and make everything white (as if you know me, my life is colour). What I’m saying is don’t be afraid to use the white as a base and then layer after with the likes of art or throw cushions, etc. You’ll be amazed by just how healthy your home life becomes with that extra light!

Bouncing Light

Mirrors – These are your best friend; not only does a mirror reflect our image, but it also can enhance a space by bouncing light around the room. Do you remember at school how a single water droplet can magnify light if watered at the right time of day? Well, it is the same as mirrors; these will act as a mirror to reflect natural light around the room. So next time you are in a small space and need more light, look at adding a full-length mirror to enhance the space, and help light bump around the room.

Utilizing Skylights

Skylights – Skylights are such an amazing inclusion to any home. If you’re struggling with your building on a small block, sandwiched between adjoining houses, remember that skylights can and will act as your windows to your home. Where possible, maximise the number of skylights you can get as it will be worth it every morning when that sun hits your face whilst having breakfast!

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