How to Design the Perfect Scullery for your Perth Home

Sculleries: What should you include?

I never used to think that I needed a scullery but after having one, there’s no going back!

A scullery not only creates ease when entertaining but also acts as an extra prepping zone. The scullery is essentially a 2nd kitchen, a second zone; your backup dancer! There are many different types of sculleries, so even if you think your space won’t suit one, there are multiple ways to include one in your home;

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Walk-in Scullery:

Perfect for someone that likes to hide the clutter after a function and come back to the mess later in the night or even the next morning.

 Sectional Scullery:

Uses a sectional door to easily close it and hide the mess away from your guests. Perfect for those who love to entertain!

 Hidden Scullery:

A full extension of your kitchen where you can prep 2 meals at the same time and do all of the above, but also keep the kitchen on display.

 Here are also some additions to your scullery that you should consider;

 Double Bin System:

If you have a scullery it’s almost guaranteed you’ll be prepping in it, so having multiple bins will save the dash thru the kitchen before dropping food on the floor!

Pantry with Pull-Out Drawers:

SPACE SAVER KING! This will ½ the amount of pantry space required in your cabinetry layout and you will also see the food in your pantry when you pull out your drawers

Pull-Out Drawers:

Adding pull-outs will enable you to stack more items in the space and also you will find yourself using more of what’s in the drawers as you will actually see what’s in them.

Power Outlets:

GPOs – The more the better!!! You will never regret adding extra GPOs. If you feel like you have enough, add one more!

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